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Draughty Double Glazed Window
Draughty Double Glazed Window Repair
Get Rid Of Energy Wasting Draughts

Draughty Double Glazed Window Repair

Repairing Draughty Windows Everyday

The number one cause for draughty windows is gaps around your windows due to the window not closing correctly.

The reasons that your windows might not be closing correctly could be due to a loose locking mechanism, worn out or damaged hinges or even a damaged seal around your window. All of these problems can quickly be repaired by one of our experienced engineers quickly and cost effectively. Over the past 30 years we have seen all kinds of issues with double glazed windows and we are yet to hit a problem we can’t solve.

Most issues can be resolved by simply adjusting the existing hardware, we will do our best to save you money and if any parts do need replacing we normally will have the part in stock and can replace it there and then. Of course we will always keep you informed and let you know of any additional costs involved if any parts do need replacing to prevent any surprises along the way!

Why Use Window Fix Direct?

We have been repairing double glazed windows for over 30 years, our engineers are kind courteous and polite. We are members on the Medway Fair Trader Scheme which means we have been audited by trading standards, provide clear pricing and information on payment methods and naturally we comply with the law. Our guarantees are all fully protected through GGFi which means even if we are no longer around, your guarantee still stands! We are also FENSA registered which means we are company that has been inspected and checked at various stages to enabling them to self-certify compliance with the Building Regulations. A sample of our installations are inspected by independent inspectors to ensure standards are being maintained.

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Our Promise

We provide a friendly, reliable and professional double glazing repair service. All of our customers are treated as individuals and not just loaded onto a system. We make sure personally that our work is carried out to the highest possible standard at a time that suits you.

10 Year Guarantee

All of our work is covered by our 10 year guarantee for your peace of mind.
Our guarantee is backed by GGFI,an external insurer,meaning that even if we vanish at any time in the future, your guarantee is still protected.
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